Burning Cafe Extended (Friday 7th April 2017, @VREI)

The Burning Café Extended is a participatory event with DJs, dance, gifts, marvels, costumes and fun… that is, all YOU are willing to make of it. We provide the dancefloor, we provide some music – all the rest is up to you.

This open event is organised by burners.at according to the principles of the Burning Man festival (especially participation, self-expression, gifting, communal effort and immediacy).


When: Friday 7 April 2017, 7pm
Where: VREI downstairs (map)

Start: 19:00
19:30 – 20:30 Workshop: How to create truly participative events? (please be on time for this part) At the end of the workshop we will also announce other upcoming events.
20:30 – 1:00 DJ Lineup / Live acts:
Nagu Whiteout – Live
Picaro(s) – Live
DJ Gogo
Join us and co-create a magical evening!


You can also find the event on facebook.