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Ways to get there

Get there by Train & Bus:

Due multiple options and possible changes in the timetables, we advice you to search for a connection under the link provided below. If you travel from Vienna to Kautzen, try to avoid trains that go via Krems /St. Pölten, as they take longer and cost more.

An easy way from Vienna to Kautzen is (before you go on this trip, call Taxi Berger if it works as described, this is untested yet but probably the best we found out)
  1. Train from Vienna to Göpfritz an der Wild
  2. Taxi with Taxi Berger: http://taxiberger.at/kontakt/ +43 650 408 1003. Works like this: call 1-3 hours ahead (or show up at their line at the train station). Up to 8 people in a big Taxi costs 54€ altogether, about 6,75 per Person (this is what they told us, find out and tell the orgs about your experience (email to spark@burners.at), we are interested to learn)

Link to the Öbb (find Train & Bus connections here):
On Saturday there are NO connections from Waidhofen to the festival area - we are working on a way to get you there. Check this page regularly to get updates.

From Waidhofen a.d Thaya there is a Bus to Kautzen from Frank Reisen that can be booked together with a train ticket. But its only MONDAY-FRIDAY until 19:01. Check it out here: http://www.frankreisen.at/linienverkehr/informationen/
Call this number to shedule your pickup: Tel. +4366488501274
You need to call the bus company at least 45 minutes in advance.
If you take this choice (Train + Buy your ticket till Kautzen - the bus from Waidhofen to Kautzen is included in the ticket!

Travelling by car:

If you can take people in your car, enter yourself in the carpool on our reddit here.

  1. Drive L8160 up to this point: 48°56'06.1"N 15°15'14.4" E / 48.935032N 15.254003E . Either enter it in your navigation system OR print out the Google map before.
  2. Take the small gravel road there, pass by left of the fish-lakes, lined by trees. Follow it, there is a right bend, drive slightly downward, you are on Seedcamp.
  3. You will drive into the gate area. Turn RIGHT and park your car on the meadow designated for parking. Then go to the gate.
Alternative driving Directions are here: http://www.seedcamp.at/en/der-platz/anfahrt/

Share a car:

You can use our Reddit to find others to share a car or other form of travel