You are a dream; you are a vision; you are the vivid inspiration that guides you through the darkest nights; you are the embodiment of your own chosen folly.
On the hills above Vienna, in a derelict sanatorium, the air is charged with the timeless essence of those who first unlocked the gates to our minds and to the demons and the angels who pace our subconscious. Did Freud restlessly pace the floors of Cobenzl hurrying to an appointment? Did Reich dance naked here with his clients, loading up the powers of the Orgone? How many souls have created and destroyed, danced and laid still, screamed in agony and in lust in the lush rooms of the Luftschloss?
Join us for a night of radical creation and self-expression where the liminal walks on stage, where we shamelessly flirt with our demons, and where we wear our follies proudly on our sleeves.


This regional Burning Man community event brings to life a magical space where Burners from all over the world can come together to celebrate and reconnect.

NO PHOTO POLICY: This event has a no-photo policy. If you are interested in taking pictures please contact us to acquire a tag. There will be official photographers to take the best possible picture of you in your fabulous outfit (with your permission of course). We will also have an assigned area where taking pictures is allowed. Everyone has the inalienable right to his image and not to be shown on other people’s photos or videos. Please respect privacy.

3. February 2018

Please note: EVERYONE who wants to participate in the Vienna Burning Ball needs to become a member by buying a membership, including artists, performers, DJs, organizers and volunteers! There will be NO memberships sold at the doors!

If you need a low income membership, you can apply here:
Low income application


Café & Schloss Cobenzl, Cobenzl 94, 1190 Wien, Austria


How to get there

Public transport:

If you arrive at the airport, take one of the trains S7 in direction "Wien Floridsdorf", then get off at "Wien Mitte - Landstraße" and go to the metro station of the U4 line.

Use the metro U4 to go to "Heiligenstadt" (last stop). From there, get on the bus 38A in direction "Kahlenberg" (or "Cobenzl Parkplatz) and get off at the station "Cobenzl Parkplatz".
Busses leave every 30 minutes from Heiligenstadt, the last bus leaves at 22:36. To go back, the last bus leaves Cobenzl at 23:00 - the first bus leaves at 08:17 in the morning. The metro U4 runs 24h a day.


There is a taxi stand at the U4 station "Heiligenstadt", from where it is a 15 minute car ride (~6km) to the location. The fare will be approximately 15€ - be smart and share your ride! Uber taxis might be a good option too.


There is a huge parking lot at the location. Please think about your burner friends and the environment and share rides!