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Wednesday Sep 23rd – Sunday Sep 27th, 2020

COVID-19 statement

The Austrian Burners association’s board and the organizing committee have been monitoring the pandemic situation very closely. Like so many others, we have been eagerly awaiting information on what regulations will apply to events in the autumn, including Schloss Schönburn, scheduled for 23.–27.9.2020. Finally, only a week ago were the first guidelines for September published.

Obviously, we cannot wait any longer to make a decision on this year’s event. Canceling entirely was a real and perhaps our most obvious option, but apart from missing out on reconnecting with our community, it would mean one more cancellation for our wonderful venue of Schloss Wetzlas, which has been financially hit very hard this year. So we decided we do want to carefully start organizing…

…but, unfortunately this year will need to be different. Events with more than 100 participants still face stricter conditions, and it is entirely possible that any events will again be prohibited. Thus, we have made the very difficult decision to limit SSB 2020 to 100 participants and distribute memberships to the Austrian Burners association members, and others who have been actively helping make the event happen in past years. The invitations have been sent by email (please check your inbox and spam folder!) and there will be no public sale of SSB memberships foreseen this year.

This choice has been made to keep the local community active and strong, to keep our dreams for future Schönburns alive, to gather energy and creative minds for the years to come, and to support the venue financially. We understand this sucks – it does for us too, it really does. There’s an obvious conflict with the principle of Radical Inclusion, but we hope you can agree that in this exceptional situation this is counterbalanced by the principles of Civic Responsibility and Communal Effort.

We as organisers have the duty to create a safer space for our participants, and to balance the national/global risk assessments with our capabilities. The medical fact is that even a single super-spreader in an international event could launch a serious outbreak. Thus an event of any size is challenging to plan and organize safely, and we need to fill new roles (e.g. COVID-19 commissioner) and have a pandemic prevention concept prepared and implemented. We have thus not made this decision lightly, but we cannot see any other responsible option…

…that is, not right now. There is a ray of hope still remaining: if the situation with the pandemic improves further towards September, we are leaving open the option to release some more memberships for the public. However, we emphatically cannot guarantee this, and are making no promises it will be possible – indeed, it may well be that we will have to cancel entirely at a moment’s notice.

dusty hugs,
the Austrian Burners

Disclaimer: “This year, since we decided to be a private event we did not apply for official Burning Man Regional Events recognition for 2020. This year’s event is not an Official Burning Man event or in any way affiliated with Burning Man Project.”


By joining this magnificent event, you only get access to a castle.

An empty castle!

There will be no music, no performances, no artwork, no workshops, no food, no drinks, no party — unless WE bring it with us! Every participant is a co-creator, filling this unique playground with life, creativity and all those magical ideas that are just waiting to be realised.

The event is non-profit, meaning that the income from membership sales that is not used to cover the basic costs of the location will be used to make your dreams of music, art, entertainment, catering… happen!

Read more about the event, its spirit, founding ideas and more, here.
Check out the idea behind the organisational concept of White Origami.
Read on about Participation, to become a real part of Schloss Schönburn.
Please see our House Rules!


Wednesday Sep 23rdSunday Sep 27th, 2020
(5 days, 4 nights)


There will be NO access to the event without a valid membership tied to your legal name (bring an ID)! Latest access to the event is Friday 25th September at 18:00 (burn night). Gate will be closed and no entry will be possible after this time. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

Early Entry / Build

Preliminarily, builders for bigger dreams can get inside the castle and park already from Tuesday 12:00. If you want to come before the official opening time of Wednesday 12:00, you have to contact one of the organizers and be put on the early entry list.


The rooms inside the castle need to be cleared on Sunday 27th September at 12:00 and fully cleaned by 13:00, the event ends and castle is closed at 18:00.


Schloss Wetzlas (NÖ, Austria)

Google Maps:
Official site of the castle:

More on the Venue ← here.
Find more information on How to get there ← here.

What about Tickets?

There are no classic “tickets”. This event is fully participative and non-profit, therefore to join this adventure you have to register for a membership.

Click HERE for all information about registration & membership!

Your membership will give you access to the Wiki, the dreams platform, the castle grounds, and to one of the accommodation possibilities. Also: water, toilets, power.
A big empty playground to be filled with life!

Good to know:

  • Acquired memberships are transferable, but everyone attending the event will be required to go through registration.
  • The castle and the grounds are not wheelchair accessible. However, the bathroom close to Room 8 is accessible so bunk bed accommodation is possible and we collectively will do our best to help you if you need assistance.

How to get involved

Schloss Schönburn needs YOU!
We want and need you to participate to make this event real and beautiful.

We are using a couple of tools and platforms to make Schloss Schönburn reality and give every participant the possibility to co-create. The following list presents the tools use to make this event happen. They are all open to participation, in fact we highly recommend you join:

  • Wiki (hey, psst, you are looking at it!) The Wiki can be edited by every registered participant! Information can be added, changed or corrected. This is a collaborative information platform for everyone!
  • Slack This is the main communications tool between the core orga team and fellow Schönburners. Use it to communicate with us, other burners and organise stuff! You can sign yourself up here.
  • Dream platform: as described above, the event is an empty canvas ready to be filled with ideas, art, projects, workshops, performances, dj-sets, happenings. As in most burn events these will magically find their way to the castle and happen. But if you have a larger project in mind and you would like either or both the community and financial support (Art Grants) you should register your project on the dreams platform.

For more detailed information on how to become an active part of Schloss Schönburn, check out our Participation page here on this Wiki.