You have 4 different options for accommodation, depending on your choice of membership:

  1. Comfy Membership:
    With your comfy membership you get one space in a bunk bed in one of the castle rooms. There will be blankets/pillows provided - but no sheets and linen! Radical self reliance - bring your own. Don't bring sleeping bags, sheets and linen are the better choice!

    Check out the room list to decide in which comfy room you want to be - and reserve a place!

  2. Cozy Membership:
    With your cozy membership you get one space for your own mattress in one of the two living rooms of the castle. Be aware of the fact that during daytime the rooms might be used for smaller workshops, if needed.

  3. Nature Membership:
    With your nature membership you are allowed to camp in the Schloss’ own park, which has huge room for tents and a set of minimal but functional toilets/showers. There will also be plenty of room for silent camping, a bit away from all other facilities. In case of very bad weather, camping participants will be able to bring their beds to one of the big rooms in the castle as emergency solution.

  4. RV Membership:
    You are more than welcome to come with your beloved vehicle and sleep in it. The parking space is limited, though, so you will need an RV membership. Notice: Only the owner needs an RV membership, and if you share it with others, your guests will need a Nature membership. RVs cannot park on Schloss grounds, but will be able to stay in one of the nearby parking lots. Exceptions may be made for special access needs.


Does Schloss Schönburn have the critical mass for people to organize themselves in camps? Guess what… that’s also up to us all to decide.