White canvas

Schloss Schönburn is organised on the basis of the “white canvas” principle.

Unlike previous local burns/events, there will be no pre-defined teams, leading any part of the organisation such as decorating, greeting, build up, tear down - unless YOU build a team to join efforts and create this burn the way we all want it to be. There will only be a core Orga team, that provides you with all the information you might need about the castle grounds, safety, leave no trace and budgetary possibilities (and in rare cases might help with important decision making or mediation, should the need arise). The main source for information will be this Wiki, which will be editable by every registered participant and should serve as a self-organising tool (similar to this document, organising the Urban Burn in Stockholm earlier last year).

The Idea

Create an event with as much freedom for creative collaboration and co-creation as possible. Involve all participants as co-creators. Enhance framework for communal effort. All co-creators take responsibility for the well-being of the community and contribute to making the event awesome.

White canvas orga principles

  • cooperation and communal effort
  • culture of dialogue (open, respectful, non_violent communication)
  • culture of humility (check out/leave behind your ego)
  • cherish autonomy and creative initiative
  • aim for efficiency (in collaboration, meetings, decision making)
  • no bossing around
  • individual freedom, individual responsibility
  • advice process
  • space for personal growth
  • transparency

Who is a Co-Creator?

Ideally a reliable and responsible – autonomous – cooperative – intrinsically motivated burner, aiming for personal growth – sharing communal effort

What White Canvas is not

Anarchy. Hierarchical structures. Closed groups not communicating with others. Leads with too much to do, burning out while burning. The idea that a lead is alone responsible for all aspects of a certain task. Big egos. Promises not kept. I do what I want and fuck the rest.

The Framework

1.) Austrian laws

The event must be planned and executed in accordance with Austrian law. This means that any public dream / idea / project / vision / workshop / performance must not be in violation of the relevant laws.

2.) The Austrian Burners Kunst- und Kulturverein

The Verein is responsible for the event, has a contractual relationship with the landlord, has budgetary responsibility, and is liable for safety and legal requirements. The constiution (statuten) of the Verein must be followed.

Schloß Schönburn is an Official Regional Burning Man community gathering following the The 10 Principles of Burning Man.

The Verein is represented by the Board-approved Orga team, who may give instructions regarding legal, contractual and statutory requirements and who take responsibility for the event (and are the only people who can actually legally do this). They ensure that the event planning is done according to the legal and contractual framework.

During the event, members of the Orga team will take the role of Site Leads to represent the Verein legally (to the government/police, to Schloß Wetzlas, internally to participants). The site leads have the authority to ask you to leave in case you don’t obey the rules or endanger the safety of the event or other participants.

3.) Budget limit

The Orga team receives a budget from the Verein, and is expected to plan the costs and income of the event so that the financial liability of the Verein is limited to this sum.

4.) Contract with Schloß Wetzlas

We have a contract with the landlord and limitations on how we may use the location or certain parts of it and the surroundings. You can find the most important limitations and obligations on the wiki (or equivalent; general rule: leave no trace). Site Leads and Gate/Greeters and Rangers may have further instructions to be obliged. If you need help / advice with the contractual boundaries, please ask the Orga team or the Site Leads.

5.) Our Schloß Schönburn rules and principles

We as co-creators also define rules and principles that make Schloß Schönburn a safe and positive experience for all participants. These rules are typically set by Leads and are discussed on Slack. Currently, there are:

  • The Sound of Music - rules on sound levels, locations where you can be loud and where you must remain silent

Guidelines for Co-Creators

Advice Process

Within the legal, contractual and organisational framework, you are free to co-create, realise your dreams and bring your ideas into reality.

Before taking a decision on a dream / idea / project / vision / workshop / performance / personal behaviour, you must ask for advice from all those affected, preferably using Slack.

For example, if your plans might collide with the framework or the rules of the event, or the responsibilities of the event organisers, please ask them for advice. If it might collide with the rights, obligations, interests or well-being of other participants/ co-creators, please ask them for advice (e.g. room / space requirements, noise levels, kitchen use, etc.) via Slack.

You aim to incorporate all given advice into your decision and make it acceptable to your co-creators as best you can.

You are fully responsible for your decision and its consequences. In case of conflict of interest, you may ask for mediation theoracle@burners.at.

Help and support

You are fully responsible for your well-being and the success of your dream / idea / project / vision / workshop / performance / personal behaviour or whatever else you need. That does not mean you have to deal with everything yourself. Many co-creators have taken responsibility to help you, if you need it. Please get involved on the Dreams platform or ask on Slack!