There are some of options for cooking in the castle - but please carefully read the descriptions below to get to know all the possibilities.

Indoor Cooking

There are 2 kitchens in the main castle building (see Venue and maps).

Kitchen 1 upstairs is fully equipped and it is possible to cook for big groups. As we did not set aside funds for broken equipment or appliances, it may be used only by bigger organised groups or camps under the following conditions:

  • You reserve the kitchen for a specified time.
  • You nominate a kitchen lead who takes over the kitchen and takes full responsibility for leaving it in the same or a better condition than you found it when you are finished.
  • You deliver the kitchen clean and in order to the next group or return the keys to [kitchen king/queen].

From 2017

From 2017

Currently, the kitchen timetable is organised by Cora and can be found HERE. There is a dedicated kitchen channel (#schlosskitchen) on slack, for organising the kitchen schedule. If you dream of cooking for fellow Schönburners, want to help organising the schedule or existing cooking groups OR want to take responsibility for the kitchen key as wonderful kitchen king/queen, please join the slack channel or leave your contact as comment in the open schedule document.

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2 on the ground floor (close to the chapel) is open for use by all participants. There are no pots, dishes or other kitchen utensils (i.e. nothing to lose or break), so please bring your own (self reliance) and of course leave no trace. This is a normal sized kitchen with a stove, oven and a sink.

Kitchen 2

Outdoor Cooking

There is a large iron charcoal grill on the castle grounds, not too far from the castle. To fully fill it, it needs 35kg of coal, which are not included, so you have to bring your own if you want to use it. Of course you can also bring your own grill if you leave no trace.
There is a large, covered fire space as well - which is not dedicated for cooking.

Large charcoal grill

Kitchen Tent

In 2018 the kitchen tent of Salon Leobard will join. It is a 25m2 six-sided tent with a house hold type 3 flame gas stove with a baking oven that will be free for use. We will have some kitchen tools and some pots and 1-2 pans.