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 ====== Docs & Media ====== ====== Docs & Media ======
-There are some of options for cooking in the castle ​but please carefully read the descriptions below to get to know all the possibilities.+Here you can look up presentations we did about Schloss Schönburn:​ 
 +**Burning Cafe 05.05.2019**:​ [[https://​​file/​d/​1FbAYqRKFNzOcQX9VDOtB2faEvVsYKH4r/​view?​fbclid=IwAR2TPmbaW1bQIb_EgOZCQ7ULSflllDEhSf1-LCO3X6Ocmg4Zq_NiGtlJdqg|SSB Kickoff & White Origami]] 
 +**Burning Man European Leadership Summit 14.04.2018**:​ 
 +The ELS is held annually and brings 200 participants from across ​the European Burner community together in order to network, share experiences and learn from each other. In 2018 we talked about Schloss Schönburn and its organisation. We wanted ​to tell people about our new regional burn as well as to share our learnings when trying ​the White Canvas approach for the first time. The presentation can be looked up [[https://​​open?​id=1MNzy7DjLWuYTnVtYS0S5L-gFgo_SJHSO|here]]. 
 +Read more about ELS [[https://​​european-leadership-summit/​|here]]. 
-===== Indoor Cooking ===== 
-There are 2 kitchens in the main castle building (see [[venue|Venue and maps]]).