Our Dreams platform will help you make all of your crazy dreams come true!

You can create your own dream – which can be an art project, a theme camp, a workshop, a food plan, etc. – or help others to make their dream come true by either joining their dream team or supporting them with your “dream hearts”. Each user has several hearts that will be used to vote about making dreams come true (aka allocate funding).

From 2018

Last year, our Dreams procedure ran as follows – there will be changes in store for 2019.

Signing Up On The Dreams Platform:
To vote for dreams you have to register on the dreams platform by using the ticket number you received when purchasing your membership.

How much is a dream heart worth?
This is variable and depends on the number of participants and therefore available budget for art grants. Each person will have 5 hearts to give, and roughly speaking each of which will correspond to 3 euros of support.

To Register Your Own Dream:
To register your dream simply go to the registration form over the top menu. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The proposal must contain a description and a detailed budget estimate to be approved by dream guides (orga team).
  • If you don't need any financial support, please define your Min- and Max-Budget with 0 €.
  • If you are looking for collaborators, please mention in the description how people can get in touch with you e.g. your mail address.

Min- & Max-Budget:
If you would like to get an art grant to cover some of your expenses, please define Min- and Max-Budget as follows:

  • Min-Budget as the smallest financial support you would need to make your dream come true.
  • Max-Budget as the maximum amount of expenses you expect to have. The art grant can't be higher than the sum of the actual expenses and will be paid out after the event. For the reimbursement we will need the receipts, so please don't forget to keep them. (Handwritten signed receipt can be sufficient in special cases.)
  • To help to understand how the budget was calculated, please list the approximate costs as part of the description.

What is Funded:

  • Event-specific costs up to 100 %.
  • Transport costs specific and necessary for the dream are reimbursed up to 100 %, with partial reimbursement for partial occupation of vehicle (many friends travelling to the event). These will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Permanent constructions depending on expected usetime.
  • Communal eating especially encouraged
  • Drinks only for serving to others.

What is NOT Funded:

  • Anything in conflict with Austrian law.

Art Grant Distribution:
Since the actual art budget depends on the amount of sold memberships, we can't guarantee that you get the amount you asked for, even if you got enough hearts after the voting phase ended. As a guideline we'll have a budget of at least 3000€ for all the dreams. It might increase depending on the amount of sold memberships. When dreaming, keep in mind that projects which ask for most of the total budget probably won't be funded. The art grants will be paid out after the event.