Art Grants/Dreams 2020

This year the registration for dream grants will be handled through a Google Form sent to membership holders.

From 2019

From 2019

===== Dreams FAQ =====

Where do I find the platform? You can find the platform >HERE<.

Do I have to create an account on the Dreams platform to use it? Yes – you have to create an account using the same email address that you used to obtain your Schönburn membership on pretix.

How much time do I have to register a Dream?
Overview of deadlines

  •      Registration opens: Mo. 22.07. @ 12:00 CET
  •      Registration closes: Th. 08.08. @ 23:50 CET
  •      Voting starts: Fr. 9.08. @ 20:00 CET
  •      Voting ends: Fr. 16.08. @ 23:59 CET
  •      Art grant notifications to all dreamers: 21.08.

I have many ideas, do I have to register a Dream for all of them? It depends on what kind of ideas you have. The Dreams platform is primarily a tool to distribute art grants. So if your project needs funding, then you should register it as a Dream. In case you don't need financial support but you would like to spread the word about your project or look for collaborators, you may also register it with a 0€ budget.

I would like to perform, offer a workshop, or play music, do I need a Dream for that? Similar to other projects. Will you need an art grant to get some of your costs reimbursed? If so, register it as a Dream. If not, you will be able to simply sign up for a workshop space or a lineup spot. 

What kind of costs will be funded?

Up to 100% funded:

  • Event-specific consumable costs
    • Communal eating especially encouraged!
    • Drinks only for serving to others
  • Maximum funding 500€ per Dream

Partially funded (case by case basis):

  • Permanent constructions or materials are reimbursed depending on their expected use time. Typically this would be around 20% of the actual price, but will in some cases be less or more (e.g. a tent or loudspeakers can be reused for several years, so they could be co-funded by 10–15%, whereas something more fragile like paint brushes or mattresses can potentially be co-funded up to 30%)
  • Transport costs specific and necessary for the Dream are reimbursed in proportion to the occupation of the vehicle (ie. if many friends travel to the event, we won't cover their trip)

What is NOT funded:

  • Anything in conflict with Austrian law

What is the maximum art grant that a Dream can get? In 2019 the maximum amount of art grant per Dream is 500€.

I found a Dream I would love to co-create. How do I do that? This year we will use the newest version of the Dreams platform where you can comment directly on the Dreams with the help of the Loomio platform. You will however have to create an account to write comments and to contact the dreamer. 

Why are there monster icons on each Dream? Before voting starts every Dream has to be approved by a Dream guide who is the contact between the core team and the dreamer. They will answer any questions a dreamer may have as well as help them with reimbursement after the event. To be approved, every Dream description has to include mandatory information such as a detailed budget (following the funding guidelines). You can help us approve Dreams by startling one of the monsters if something is missing. If you have any ideas on how the dreamer might improve their project, reduce costs, or how to help them with transport, you can use the comment section. 

How can I vote? You need to register first on the dreams platform (if you haven't yet) with your email address you used to purchase your membership on pretix. After that, you have access to 10 grantlets, which you can donate to dreams you want to support by using the Donate to dream button. The art grant budget will be distributed among the dreams depending on the voting results.

Do you have other questions? Ask them on the #dreams channel on Slack!