The Event: Schloss Schönburn in ideas & dreams

Our dream for this event was – and remains – to not only bring an awesome burn to Wetzlas, but also to launch a bigger experiment: a bold exploration of co-creating and running an event through open and radical participation – we call it Schloss Schönburn!

By joining this magnificent event, you only get access to a castle. An empty castle. There will be no music, no performances, no artwork, no workshops, no food, no drinks, no party - unless WE bring it with us! Every participant is a co-creator, filling this unique playground with life, creativity and all those magical ideas, that are just waiting to be realised. We call this approach white canvas. The event will be purely non-profit, meaning that all income from ticket sales that is not used to cover the basic costs of the location will be used to make your dreams of music, art, entertainment, catering, … happen.

This will be done by using a Dreams voting platform to let YOU decide which projects you support with your purchased ticket. The only given framework is that everybody is expected to honour and follow the 10 principles + the master principle of consent. Everything else is completely up to you. Whatever you dream up, let’s make it happen - together!

Schloss Schönburn is welcoming you with wide open arms to a magical space, where you can let your dreams run wild, connect with new and seasoned burners alike, share your creative energy and live/love/party together in a wonderful environment, fully created by its beautiful participants.

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