Schloss Schönburn is a fully participatory event.
But what does that mean?
And how can YOU participate?

For us, participation means that you actively take part in the event and somehow contribute in a way that feels right for you. You are not forced to do anything you do not want to - but you are very highly encouraged to think outside the box and explore your full potential of co-creation!

"Co-Creation? I am not creative / talented enough!"

Co-creation does NOT mean that you have to be creative or especially talented. Of course you can be, but there are countless other possibilities to become a part of Schloss Schönburn! Everyone can contribute.

You can, for example:

  • Be your best self and offer your help wherever it might be needed
  • Bring food or drinks to share with others - big or small, does not matter!
  • Offer your help during build or strike
  • Decorate the castle or outdoor area
  • Offer help with transporting things or people to or from the castle
  • Pick up M.O.O.P. and clean up places you find dirty
  • Share a talent of yours by offering a workshop or performance
  • Make music for others to enjoy
  • Bring an art project or installation - if it needs funding, register it as a dream
  • Join the Rangers to keep law and order in the castle
  • Join the Wizard´s Keep to provide welfare (for now via Slack)
  • Volunteer to check-in participants at the gate and inform them about everything important
  • Join the organising team or take over a key role to help making Schloss Schönburn great(er) again!
  • Offer your talents for medicine / conflict resolution / planning / …
  • Help maintaining information accurate on this Wiki
  • Improve what you see and experience for others
  • Actively make Schloss Schönburn better through your input

Only your imagination is the limit!

Did we spark your ideas for co-creating?
Then get in touch with us and the community!

How to get involved

We are using a couple of tools and platforms to make Schloss Schönburn reality and give every participant the possibility to co-create. The following list presents the tools to make this event happen. They are all open to participation, in fact we highly recommend you to join:

  • Wiki (hey, psst, you are looking at it!) The Wiki can be edited by every registered participant! Information can be added, changed or corrected. This is a collaborative information platform for everyone!
  • Slack This is the main communications tool between the core orga team and fellow Schönburners. Use it to communicate with us, other burners and organise stuff! You can sign yourself up here.
  • Dream platform: as described above, the event is an empty canvas ready to be filled with ideas, art, projects, workshops, performances, dj-sets, happenings. As in most burn events these will magically find their way to the castle and happen. But if you have a larger project in mind and you would like either or both the community and financial support (Art Grants) you should register your project on the dreams platform.
  • Facebook: The facebook event page can be used as community communication platform as well but is more suitable for general information and shoutouts. You can get in touch with for detailed questions.
  • There will be semi-regular co-creation meetings in Vienna! Check out announcements on FB for details.