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Ridesharing is fun! You can meet and connect with other Schönburners on your way to the burn. You share the costs, so you have more money left to spend on other fun stuff. And it's good for the environment!

There is now a google spreadsheet for ride share stuff, including the bus:

Looking for a ride?

  • Hey, I am Thomas. A German Newbie Burner - soon to be Borderland attendee - and Poly/RA :) I am looking for someone who can pick me up at the 18.09 at around 19:00 in Krumau an der Kamp (next to Wetzlas) t or alternatively gives me a a ride from Vienna to Schloss Schönburn. I definetly need a ride back to Vienna. As I travel without a car it would be invaluable if I could get a ride to Wetzlas :) Please contact me by email ( or Slack (tomcom).

Offering a ride?