You got yourself a comfy membership and chose to sleep in a bunk bed?

This is the place for you to decide in which room you want to be.
Just take a look on the map to locate the individual rooms, see how many beds are in this room in the list below, and click on the link to the room specific page. Log in to the wiki with your wiki username and select “Edit this page” under “PAGE TOOLS” in the navigation bar to the left to enter your name in the list of sleepers. As easy as that!

It goes without saying that you should behave and not mess with other peoples names, right?
Also, please just reserve a place in a room when you already have purchased your comfy membership for that!

Please also check out the Sound Policy to know which sound levels are allowed in which areas! Be nice to your neighbours.

PS: Please don't come with a sleeping bag but instead bring a bedsheet and linen for a blanket and pillow! Blankets and pillows are there for free, but we need to keep them safe :)

Rooms East

Room 1: 12 beds
Room 3: 8 beds
Room 4: 6 beds
Room 5: 10 beds
Room 6: 6 beds
Room 7: 12 beds
Room 8: 10 beds

Rooms West

Room 10: 10 beds
Room 11: 10 beds
Room 12: 10 beds