House Rules for Schloss Schönburn 2020

The most important “rules” are the 10 Principles of Burning Man + Consent, as well as the White Canvas principles, as well as the health precautions that are necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition we need to set some common house rules to ensure that the burn runs pleasantly for ALL participants as well as the organisers who take responsibility for the castle.

No Outdoor Shoes Inside the Castle

We must ask you to take off your outdoor shoes when you enter the castle.

Last year especially the lobby areas and adjacent bathrooms of the castle were often a terrible muddy mess, only mitigated by a few of us taking on the burden of cleaning after others.

Although we are aware this is slightly inconvenient, we do firmly believe it will make the castle so much nicer us all that it simply is worth it. To make this easier for you, please consider bringing a shoe bag and house shoes / slippers, or use plastic shoe protectors.

Leave No Trace

Remember that Leave No Trace is an important principle.

This does not just mean leaving the castle sparkling clean when we depart, but requires an ongoing responsibility and vigilance from all participants to clean any MOOP they find. In the context of the castle, the cleanliness of the common kitchen and bathrooms is particularly important, and should be improved from last year. Clean up immediately after using them!

No Smoking Inside

There is strictly no smoking inside the castle, but plenty of space outside in the yards and terrace to satisfy your needs. Some of us also find vaporizers in small enclosed spaces unpleasant, so please be considerate and take them outside.

Sound Policy

No music shall be played in the sleeping areas of the castle (day or night).

While we all love music, noise levels can be an issue inside the Schloss, which means that we need to be very much aware how loud we are in places where others wish to sleep. Due to our own experiences and feedback from last year, no music is allowed in the sleeping areas of the castle. Please respect your fellow burners and follow our sound policy, or prepare to be spanked into silence by the Lady/Lord of the Castle or our rangers.

Photo Policy

It’s not allowed to take photos or film people without consent. We consider it every individual’s right to control their own image. Schloss Schönburn is a safe zone, where participants feel safe to do what they like and be what they want to be without the fear of having their every action being posted online.

Always ask when you take a photo or film someone. Ask before you make that photo or video public. No commercial use.


The gate will open on Wednesday 23th September 12:00. Latest access to the event is Friday 25st September at 19:30. Gate will be closed and no entry will be possible after this time. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

Please bring your membership ticket and an ID. Each membership is tied to a name and we will check IDs upon arrival. You cannot entry with a membership that is not issued on your name!

From 2019

From 2019

Transfer of memberships is possible only until Saturday 19.9.2020 @12:00 CET. To transfer a membership, write an email to schsch(at) with your membership details and the name + email address of the new recipient of your membership. Refunds are not possible!

Remember that the gate will be run by participants, and anyone is welcome to help! Should you see people arriving and the gate empty, step in and check your future friends in! If you have any problems, don’t panic. There will be a walkie talkie to call the site lead aka Lady/Lord of the Castle to the rescue.

Placing your tent

Only place your tent on open lawn, do not place your tent under a tree as branches can fall off the tree and kill you.

Outside, you must place your tent in the designated tenting areas.

When you enter into the park, the first area goes along the left castle wall: around the outside toilets, around the badminton field, left of the soccer field. you can place your tent up to the first “large tree”, and then along the line that the trees build. We want to keep the “central lawn” clear of tents.

The second area is at the whole upper end of the lawn, behind the soccer field. It is the line “opposite” of the castle. The first and second areas are connected like an “L”.

Do not place anything (tent or art) on the soccerfield. The lawn is holy ground there for the sports-people.

Driving vehicles in the park, Parking RVs

Who and why?

  • You can unload large artwork with a temporary Unload Permit you can get at Gate.
  • You can park your recreational vehicle (RV) or camper van in the park if you have a RV ticket, by which you will get at Gate when showing your ticket.
  • You can drive the transport van of core orga/production on site using a Transport Van permit, which will be issued by core orga team.

If you are in this group, read on here about vehicles on site.

Hook the windows

Inside the castle, when you open the windows, use the metal hooks to fix them. This keeps them safe when otherwise a gust of wind could blow them close and break the glass.


There are three parking places. Fill them up in this order (only park your car in 2 or 3 once 1 is full):

  • Open the maps at venue to know where Parking 1,2, and 3 are.
  • Parking 1: Our main parking next to the castle. Drive in directly from the main road via from GATE 2.
  • Parking 2: In the courtyard, along the castle wall. Park side-by-side. Probably will be filled during build.
  • Parking 3: Directly in front of the main entrance of the castle (when you enter, left). Mainly for temporary parking (unloading) and the cars of core organizers and artists who need accessible storage for their project.

We recommend to write your name & phone number on a sheet of paper and leave it in the car in case your car is blocking and needs to be moved.

Electric Power in the Park

  • No power for your private tent
  • Power available for core infrastructure (rangers, welfare, kitchen, bean) and artwork on demand
  • Read more about Electric power