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Workshops & Happenings

Workshops and happenings of all kinds are very welcome! In fact, they are a core part of almost any burn event. And if you have any questions, ask them in the #workshopsplanning channel on Slack.

What? When? Where? Guide

You want to lead a workshop? You want to save the date for your show or live music? You want to DJ?

  • Here are the detailed instructions on how to enter your event.
  • And here you will be able to see our event calendar as it fills up, live.

All you need to do is to decide which room you need for your happening, make sure it is not taken by anyone else, add the room's own calendar to your account and edit it from there like you would any Google Calendar. Remember, play nice! Don't shift other people's events without asking first!


You may have already seen some workshops on our Dream platform, but that platform is only needed for the more elaborate projects, requiring a budget. If your workshop doesn't need a budget (or you came up with an idea after registration closed) don't worry, just follow the instructions above.