The Event

Spark Liberosis is an art event happening from 15. to 19th June 2016. It is a regional gathering of the Burning Man community in Kautzen in Austria. It is going to be a space where you can share your art, express yourself, teach your skills, and enjoy the contributions of everyone else. 2016 is the second year an event in the spirit of Burning Man happens at this location, the first Burn there was “Spark” in 2015.

Where? Seedcamp in Kautzen

Seedcamp in Kautzen is a Valley with a mill, a spring, meadows, and woods situated between Vienna, Prague and Munich. For years, alternative-culture events have found their home at Seedcamp, most known the annual TreeOfLife festival. You can drive to Kautzen from Vienna, Prague, and Munich. Learn more about the location and getting there here.

What will happen?

You will experience the art, performances, shows, and love that the participants bring. We expect that people will bring music, exhibit art pieces, do interactive performances, run workshops. Once artists have announced their work, you will read it on this website. You are invited to contribute, too! On the “Participate” page you find info how you can contribute.

How do I prepare?

Ce n’est pas un festival. Although this event may look like a festival, under the hood, things are organized and run differently. The event is organized to enable people to contribute and have a good time, and we found that the Burning Man principles are the best way to do that. On the “Survival Guide” page, you find instructions how to prepare for the event. Most important: get a ticket now, and block 15th-19th of June in your holiday.