How to participate

The art theme 2016 is "Liberosis".

In short: "the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on your life, to stop glancing behind you every few steps, afraid that someone will snatch it from you before you reach the end zone—rather to hold your life loosely and playfully, like a volleyball, keeping it in the air, with only quick fleeting interventions, bouncing freely in the hands of trusted friends, always in play.".

This is an event entirely created by its' participants. It’s your contribution that makes "Spark Liberosis" shine! Please note: every participant needs to buy a ticket, includings artists, performers, DJs, organisers and volunteers - so do not forget to buy your ticket.
To make this event happen, plenty of people are needed to set up stages, make the event safe, build stuff, transport material, make this website, coordinate everyone involved and making it fun and pleasant while doing so. This is an entirely volunteer-driven event – volunteer and make a difference!
Bring your Art! Art! Art!
So, you are an artist, a creative person or you simply enjoy decorating? You have an idea that you’d like to test? Bring your art, your craft. We are looking for: A crew who wants to build a Burning Man sculpture to set on fire on Saturday night. Light installations (Lasers, Lightchains, Stage lights, if you have it, bring it) Sculptures Stages, gathering areas Buildings, interactive large sculptures, architectural sculptures, land art Decoration
You are invited to experss yourself! If you don't need a stage - you can perform anywhere and whenever you want as long as you follow our community principles lined out on our prepare page. On the site, there is one outdoor stage and an indoor room for performances. To get a time-slot to perform on these delimited locations, you need to get in touch and coordinate yourself with the Performance Lead. Performances, either on stage or around Musical acts DJs Aerial Artists Whatever creative performance idea you might have!
Make a Workshop
In the past, tons of people did workshops of various natures. If you want to share a skill - do so! A herd of creative people is looking for inspiration and chances to learn new skills. We have seen many things in the past: Handcraft and building skills (i.e. "lets build a Burning Man") Spiritual sessions Circus/Performance/Ecting lessons Partnership/Erotic/Sexual skills Organization, communication, consent Teach people what you think is helpful for them! Don't be shy and tell your workshop idea here to the workshop team to realize it.
FILL THIS FORM and additionally write to
Make a Theme Camp
Every tent is a theme camp: the theme is "you sleep in here!" But you can go beyond the bare necessity and build an elaborate camp that not only caters to your own needs but provides something to the community. Decorate your camp - you just added beauty to the event. Offer food or a cup of tea - you just turned neighbours into friends. Even the smallest contribution that you offer in your camp changes the atmosphere. We are no longer an event, we are a village. If you have a dream for a camp: build it! We love to see bars opening, cafes coming to life, pirate ships mooring, circus tents popping up. In every case: read the prepare page to learn the principles you need to follow. We are a community and by talking things get a lot easier and projects get realized. If you plan a theme camp: get in touch with the placement team to get a spot, the build team to share resources, transport team to get help transporting it. If you want to collaborate to art or decoration, contact the art team. If you are open for performers, tell it to the performance teams so that they can tell this to people who are interested to perform. Talk to the communication team to let them tell all participants about your cunning plans. Don't expect anyone else to run your project for you, but expect that everyone will talk with you and connect you with the right people.
Remember: you need a ticket!
Please note: every participant needs to buy a ticket, includings artists, performers, DJs, team leads, organisers and volunteers - so do not forget to buy your ticket.