The Survival Guide

Being well prepared makes your participation at Spark Liberosis Burn a bliss. You will have a warm place to sleep because you brought the right tent, you will have excellent warm food because you thought about bringing it and finding a way how to warm it. You will get easily to the event because you organized your trip. It will be awesome because you will be well prepared, right?

What to Bring
  • A good cup to drink from! There are no glasses or cups on location. Do not bring plastic/paper cups (hey create waste). Pro Burner tip: have a cup with a handle which you can hook to your belt.

  • Cuttlery to eat from (fork, spoon, knive, plate, ...)

  • Food and drinks for yourself. There will be no bar selling drinks.

  • Water: sensitive people should bring their own water supply, 2 - 3 liters of water per day! On site there is only water from the well and that is classified as "maybe potable". However, water in Austria is not the worst in general.

  • A closable mobile ashtray - if you are a smoker (tin box, small jam glass, ...)

  • A warm sleeping bag and a proper insulating undercover. Nights are chilly in the valley. (Please also bring a sleeping bag even if you have a bunk bed).

  • Tent and mattress

  • Warm clothes for the night

  • Torch, lighter, duct/Gaffer-Tape, pocket knife, first aid kit...
Leave no Trace
If you pack it in and bring it, you also take it back home. From cigarette butt to beer can. Bring your own trash bags, fill them, and take the trash with you home.
Tips and tricks how to reduce trash and how to make this work easily can be found here:
Whenever you do something that involves other people or their stuff, only do it if you have their “consent”. Consent means a conscious, willing, positive agreement.

Example: If you want to invite someone to a cup of tea ask them “Do you want a cup of tea together with me?” If they say “yes, I do, thank you!”, go ahead. If they say “hm…” or say nothing - forget the tea and move on.

This principle applies universally. Especially, you must have consent before engaging in intimate/erotic encounters with others. A person not explicitly saying “yes” is saying “no”. Do ask or you will never know. Asking “Do you want to have sex with me?” is as ok as asking to share a cup of tea.

Also get consent if you interact in an artistic way (“Can I smear you with mud?”) or with other peoples artwork (“Can I climb on this scukpture?”, “Can I torch your artwork with this flamethrower? Can I paint on your tent”) - only do things with consent. See also “Filming and Photography”.
Camps & Camping & RVs & Cars
You can camp on one of the meadows designated for camping. There are “louder” and “silent” areas, chose an area that suits you.

Did you know that the camping area is not only for camping, but also that “camping is part of the show”? Often the most interesting artworks and experiences are the ones provided by people in their camp.

You are free to camp simple: put up your tent and sleep in it. But you are also free to pimp your camp: add lights and decoration to your tent, build shade structures, make it wild or glamping, add a pavillion, offer food, create an experience at your camp.

At Burns, if you make something out of your camp, it’s called a “Theme Camp”, and everyone loves a beautiful camp, so give your best. If you need a special spot for your camp to work out, connect with our placement lead and talk about it: .

If you plan to make music in your Theme Camp, talk to Master of Music Gogo

Cars & RVs:
There is a meadow designated for parking on the location, about 150m from camping. If you need your car or RV within your Theme Camp (because you store material for art in it or because its part of the structural integrity), you can do that. But you must contact our placement lead before 1st June to arrange that

If you park on the camp: arrival latest Thursday 12:00, Departure earliest Sunday 12:00. During arrival and departure, a person of your team has to walk in front of your car for safety. No driving on site otherwise.
If you need electric power for your art project or theme camp, communicate with our Power Ranger:

You must bring a 30+ meter, 16 ampere, IP44 outdoor certified cable European 230v plugs. You must bring a connector and you must provide at least 2 free outlets. Other camps will plug into your outlets and form a grid, you will plug into other camps. Should you not bring all of this - no power for you.

Should you need more than 200 watt permanently, you have to pay your share of the electricity bill. So bring low-power devices (think: “LED” instead of “bulb”). Electricity is limited, do not bring any electric cooking devices - use camping gaz.
If you plan to bring music to the festival, get in touch with the music coordinating volunteer at .

You can play acoustic and electronic, you can perform at your camp, on one of the main stages, or in another camp. Talk to others to find out what works and what doesn’t.

On the souther meadow, designated as “silent”, no music and loud sounds are allowed. Attention: We have a contract with the government where we agree to not do any amplified music performances and no all loud music (drums, singing…) between 02:30 and 09:00.

If you break this contract, you automatically end the festival for you and everyone else. Also, we agreed by contract not to be louder than typical for this area, so play it normal.
Fire, Fire Performances, Campfires
Allowed: one campfire per meadow at the designated official fireplace. Fire performers with small performances only when having own liability insurance.

Safe barbecue grills placed close to fireplace. Tealights inside large, safe, cucumber glasses. Note that the “cucumber glasses” is the contract we have with the fire department chief, so please bring those cucumber glasses.

Not Allowed: Open light or fire anywhere on the meadows is forbidden. Tealights on the grass are forbidden.

Burning of Freaking Large Wooden Sculptures (aka “Burning Man”): This is allowed if we apply for a permit 8 weeks before the festival (before 22.April 2016). If you plan to build a large thing and burn it, contact us before 22. April with an exact description of your plan and we will connect you to the fire department to negotiate the needed contract together with us. The fire department will send a brigade to safeguard this and we have to pay them.
No Money
You will not need any money, because there will be nothing to buy. Everything, every workshop, performance, event is free. No one takes any money, no matter if you offer food or drinks or anything else - you give it away. This gifting culture is one of the things that makes our community special. This is a strict “no commerce” event.
There is no advertising either. Please cover any brand logos or advertising you bring.
Cooking Eating Drinking
Bring your own food! Be your own chef! There is nothing to buy, you have to bring your own drinks and food. There is a kitchen open to be used if you agree to adhere to the kitchen rules: you must do at least one cleaning shift and remove your own waste. You will need your own dishes, cutlery, pots, drinking cup etc. and rubbish bags!

There is also communal kitchen run by volunteers for volunteers. If you want to be part of a bigger kitchen and share resources and cook for yourself and others, join the communal kitchen “Food For Volunteers”. The volunteer coordinating this effort can be reached at

You can set up your own kitchen in your camp. Bring a gas cooker, barbecue grill, table, chairs, etc. Electricity is limited, so do not bring any electric cooking devices.

All running water at the location is from a local well and is defined as “not potable” (but you can drink it at your own risk and most of us drink it an so far no one has died). So we recommend to bring your own water, 2 -3 liters of water per day. If you don’t give a shit, just drink the well water like everyone else.

If you have questions about cooking, eating or drinking at Spark, write to
Filming and Photography
This section is not finished and will change - plz revisit before you go to the festival. This is a private party. There is a “no photo” policy. There is only one situation in which you are allowed to take a picture: if everyone depicted did consciously and positively give their consent to have their picture taken OR if depicted people are not identifiable (head not in picture, …).

You are not allowed to publish any pictures taken at the event - unless everyone depicted did consciously and positively give their consent to have their picture taken OR if depicted people are not identifiable.

If you have made photos under these restrictions: you are not allowed to use these photos in any commercial way; you are not allowed to make money with them; you may upload said pictures to websites or social networks websites.

There will be a handful of photographers accredited by the orga team. All above restrictions apply to these photographers, too. Accredited photographers will wear a visible photographer badge. Photos by these accredited photographers will be published on the official event website. These photos may also be used for media/press publication. You are not allowed to record any moving images (videos) unless you have a permit from the orga team. In addition to all above restrictions, videos can only be used or published after they have been authorized by the organizers.

If you discover pictures of yourself that were taken without your consent, please approach the photographers or contact the organizers.

To get in touch with us to get accredited or to make movies, contact
Children of all ages are welcome, however, anybody under 18 years of age must be accompanied by his/her legal guardian. Children up to age 16 don’t need a paid ticket. Just write to which kid you will bring.

Children view their surroundings and lives through significantly different lenses than adults. Even though the Burning Man welcomes and values children, don’t expect the community to change its culture to shield kids from things you may consider age-inappropriate. It’s up to parents to protect their kids as they feel is necessary.
Dogs are not allowed. Loud music, dancing masses and multiple dogs always lead to trouble. Your canine friend and other participants will be stressed out.
Assistant dogs / service dogs are welcome to accompany participants.
Toilets & Showers
There are three real indoor toilets. There are also showers but the waste-water capacities are limited, so you may not be able to use them. You have to make ends meet by washing yourself in the near river. If you wash in the river, you must use bio-degradable soap (get it in your Eco-Shop).

10 Principles of Burning Man

How is a Burn? Many people say: You can't describe it, you have to experience a regional Burning Man event to understand it. Any description of a Burning Man event or the community is futile. But people kept asking, so Larry Harvey, one of the founders of Burning Man, observed and documented what he saw the community doing. The result are the 10 Principles of Burning Man. and we highly recommend you to read them now. It is the most circulated description of how we roll. On any global Burning Man Event that you stumble into, the community will feel familiar, because we are one global community sharing the same values and principles. We Burners are not the greatest people on the planet – but we create precious spaces on this planet where people can be great.

The Location - Seedcamp in Kautzen

Where is Spark Liberosis ? How does it look there? How do I get there? Click here to get answers.

How to survive

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