How to Volunteer

This event is brought to life by the many people who are volunteering to make it happen. In fact, you can do something, too. We all bring in diverse talents and ideas, lots of passion and outdoor clothing. Every hand and brain is welcome!

Here are areas where we know that many people are needed:

Gate Keepers - welcoming and informing new arrivals. You get the most hugs. People skills are useful to do this.

Builders - building up/tearing down. You can take material and turn it into art, buildings, infrastructure, stages. You love powertools.

Music Roadies - handling music equipment. Setting up a mixer is your thing? then be a roady.

Rangers - mediating and giving first-aid if necessary. You look for people needing help or running into trouble and help them getting out. Mediation skills and/or first-aid are required.

Food for Volunteers - cooking and keeping kitchen running. You love to cook? Feed the volunteers! People come together at the food, you will get good company.

Jumpers - jumping in where-/whenever needed (allrounders). You do whatever it takes

Movers - helping to move gear from/to site/Vienna. You can drive a car or a truck? You have a car or a truck? You will make it possible to move great art to the festival

Spark´s Carpooling - offering a ride. You have a seat free in your car? Pool it.

Area Leads - taking responsibility for an area of the festival. You coordinate the work of one of above areas. You work with the volunteers and the other leads. You start as co-lead. You must have communication & organizing skills and be reliable to do this.

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