2077. Empress Sissi has been cloned and is back, strolling among commoners. Her genes have been spliced with those of Baron Munchausen and integrated with synth-neurons from the Terminator. Are androgynous androids playing with electric sheep? Join the Meta-Prater and find out for yourself.

The Meta-Prater opened in 2071, when the nearby new fusion research reactor went über-critical. This created a spacetime reality warp within a few km of the site that opened channels between the past, the future and virtual layers of exsitence, engulfing the old Prater.

This regional Burning Man community event brings to life a magical space where Burners from all over the world can come together to celebrate and reconnect.

Once declared safe by the authorities, the Viennese creatives were quick to grasp on the infinite sensory possibilities afforded by the communion of parallel universes and have been frolicking there ever since.

Is that Johan Strauss playing a synth-guitar while Sigmund plugs psychedelic visuals directly in your sensory nerves? Have you met the cute waltzing and polkaing robot? What enhanced bionic implements hide under those frilly lacy gowns?

NO PHOTO POLICY: This event has a no-photo policy. If you are interested in taking pictures please contact us to acquire a tag. There will be official photographers to take the best possible picture of you in your futuristic dress (with your permission of course). We will also have an assigned area where taking pictures is allowed. Everyone has the inalienable right to his image and not to be shown on other people’s photos or videos. Please respect privacy.
4. February 2017

Please note: EVERYONE who wants to participate in the Vienna Burning Ball needs to buy a ticket, including artists, performers, DJs, organizers and volunteers!

If you need a low income ticket, you can apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/NCrC5sc2DDXNOf5i1
Where the party is at:
Weberknecht, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 47-49, 1160 Wien, Austria