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Schloss Schönburn 2020

Wednesday Sep 23rd – Sunday Sep 27th, 2020

How many participants?

The year of Corona restrictions

Due to legal restrictions (Covid19/Sars-cov-2/Corona-Virus), we have made the very difficult decision to limit Schloss Schönburn 2020 to 100 participants and distribute memberships to the Austrian Burners association members, and others who have been actively helping make the event happen in past years. The invitations have been sent by email and there was be no public sale of SSB memberships.

This choice has been made to keep the local community active and strong, to keep our dreams for future Schönburns alive, to gather energy and creative minds for the years to come, and to support the venue financially. We understand this sucks – it does for us too, it really does.


No photos were shared on the facebook event.

The effigy

The effigy, burning

If you have more photos, and the consent of all depicted to share them, please share them here by editing the wiki.


The following dreams have been created by participants.

Effigy SSB 2020: BURN corona BURN!

Ohhh lovely burners, think about what you would like to burn more than anything else this year… OHHH we hope you just have lighted a mental torch in thought of a human-sized virus!! Are you with us to send Corona into eternity? To release our fire and to break free into a burning live again? This year we are in the mood to go artsy! Stay tuned, get involved and don’t forget to wear a mask when you get close to leave your personal message to be burned with it!

With support of http://salon.leobard.net

When is the food ready? Curry up!

We are going to cook a vegetable curry for at least 75 people. Vegan, with a glutenfree option.

Magical Tea Party

I offer a tea ceremony, with magical lemon tea. You can choose the strength of your tea individually. I’m just here to measure and mix, and provide a save and happy setting for you. Bring your own cup! Alice in Wonderland customes are optional but happily seen.“

Costume Camp

Costume camp!!!! Let's be silly and dress up! With this costumes you can become who ever you wanna be !! Let's share this dream an bring the costume camp again to SSB!

Oxytocin Recharge Station

Even in the darkest times of COVID we need touch, sexiness and loooooove - and honestly we'd rather build a safer space for it at SSB than try to herd cats and prevent burners from banging all over the place. The key idea is to create a space that is bookable *per pod* - a room with mattresses and safer sex supplies. Once room booked and pod inside no people from other pods can join. between pods we will include a aerate and desinfect time.


I want to illuminate the temple with LED lights. They will transform the place into a magical spot during dark hours. The lights will float in the darkness creating a mystical atmosphere. In the temple people can sit and look at the mesmerising lights.

Art Olympics 2020

We invite you into a temporary artist-in-residency, where you will encounter several ….. art tasks. From etherically instructed step-by-step programs to trippy freestyle sessions to psychic channeling of your inner Dalí: enter the Art Olympics Atelier that unlocks your creative flow (no talent required!). Your moods shall be enhanced through other senses, like audio/visual material or oral stimulants. Bring a formal evening wear for the subsequent vernissage and award ceremony. Bring your own cup, blanket and vision!

rheta cooks

We want to make use of the big kitchen upstairs and provide up to max once a day simple, warming, tasty dishes, with simple yet tasty ingredients, love, and with the participation of helping hands! You can and should all contribute with chopping up vegetables, helping to cook, giving out food, or cleaning up the pots afterwards. Alltogether we can make anything happen. We can cook up to 100 portions a day, so noone will go hungry! We will make everything vegan, of course, and can consider allergies if you let us know in advance, by contacting us per mail!

Coffee dream

Coffee for everyone, simple as that! We will have a few coffee machines borrowed and set up. We will get fair trade bio coffee from Vienna, and set up a safe way to refill your burner cups with delicious black liquid gold. Sleep is overrated! :D

Vegan-shenanigans soup

Imagine, during a cold night, being offered a bowl of warm vegetable soup. That’s it: simple and comforting soup, made for you you fresh vegetables.

Shake That Ass!

A dancefloor as we are all desperately looking for. Lights, Sound, Energy, Love, Laughter, Extasis! Audiovisual communication in its best form. Covid-Safe by being outdoor.

Ok, but rolling a cigarette first!

This is a workshop for those of you who are frequently rolling cigarettes and enjoy taking their time to create art and beauty while doing so! For those who wonna learn, I will show you how to build inside out, how to combine short papers nicely, how to use endless papers in an endless way and share one or the other builders gimmick. For those who wonna share, I’m looking forward to learn from you and have fun exchanging craftsmanships and builders tricks!

Nipple Sticker Workshop

Hello titties and nipples! Let‘s celebrate our boobs and decorate them with supernice and shiny selfmade nipplesticker! Every gender welcome! Bring yourself, everthing else is there.

Keep warm - Punschkessel

Kommt vorbei an den wärmenden Punschkesseln um uns während der kalten Abende mit einem Häferl heißen und selbstgemachten Punsch aufzuwärmen. Jeden Tag gibt es eine neue Variation an alkoholischen und nicht-alkoholischen Punsch.

Lights for Schloss Schönburn

I love trees, and the ones at Schloss Schönburn are sooo beautiful. I made a little LED installation last year and I'd love to return for more. I'm planing to put lights on the biggest tree in the middle of the garden, and if there is budget for more, as much trees as possible. Expect something very trippy to look at.

Love Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance

There will be raw Peruvian cacao with spices for everybody. We will connect to our bodys and our friends in a short ceremony first.

Photography Corner!

Capturing the spirit and presence of burners attending Schönburn has become a tradition that i'd like to once again offer in 2020. :) I'll bring my photography equipment to the ballroom including backdrops, stands, flashes and drecoration, offering photoshootings every day. Will also add light projection shooting (digital bodypainting) once again this year. Pictures taken will be shared with the burners present at the burn but no outside people (unless expicit consent is given to do so).

check out my photography style on my site: www.danielgitau.at

PS: I dont plan to print the shots again this year but maybe project them during the night hours… sthg. like that ;)

Deco for the Castle

Just wanna bring the Deco of the Parallel Universe and the Burners to the Castle ;)