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You can find information on the spaces we offer on our Happenings page, and a map of the area below.

Old from Wetzlas

Old from Wetzlas

Wetzlas, despite being the castle of our dreams, is not your typical medieval rough stone castle with turrets, ghosts and dungeons (although we may be able to do something about the latter…) but rather the “Palais” of a local Lord built around the 17th century. We will have access to nearly the whole main building with its large halls and where all the bedrooms are located as well as a private chapel we may use for (appropriate) workshops. Besides the main palais we will have the use of several rooms in the former stalls/servant quarters, some of which make for fantastic dance hall location.

Last, but absolutely not least, we will have the entire castle grounds at our disposal, about 3 hectares of green lawn and light forest including a soccer field, a volleyball field, huge swings, centennial trees, hidden corners, mystic mounds, big and small campfires and a big arena.

You can find a gallery of photos here.


Ferienschloss Wetzlas Wetzlas 1, 3542 Wetzlas, Niederösterreich, Austria https://goo.gl/maps/mGdVZjC1SL72

Space Read up on the different spaces below. If you need help or info where your project might fit, please contact schsch(at)burners.at. (Outdoor)

Covered porch
fits 20-30 people to eat
Covered fireplace
not for cooking, seats up to 100 people; do NOT put out fire neither with water nor stones (let it burn down), do NOT move the stones around the fireplace (Umrandung)!
Several other uncovered fireplaces
Schlossteich / Arena (dry ex pond): 17m diameter oval, fence needs to be secured, ideally with led lights - no sitting or leaning on the fence!
Good for music dancing parties (however, note our sound policy) or workshops
large iron charcoal grill (needs 35kg of coal, not included, bring your own), smaller gastro grill can be set up on the side cooking
Football field
Volleyball field
WCs + Showers: 2 toilets + 2 cold showers+dishwashing area (camping facilities)
Parking lots: courtyard (ca. 30 places); parking area outside second (side-) gate (20-30 places but only if well placed); eventually also outside the gates along the Schlossmauer
Space for tents in several areas, first near the camping facilities (not near castle), access to camping area with facilities through third / park gate
Pavillon on top of a hill
Riesenschaukel / giant swing
Old trees: Naturdenkmäler - climbing ok but respect and leave no trace
Use pathways through park (where grass has been cut)
Pond outside the Schlossmauer (across the street)
Lots of other spaces for workshops (Indoor)

Ground floor Eingangshalle: Entrance with fireplace (good for gate, lounging)
Spielzimmer (“games room”) with table tennis and football table
Kitchen 2 (smaller, unequipped ground floor kitchen)
Castle chapel sits around 100 people, available for singing, music, meditation, talks, … –> only activities that respect the purpose, access to be controlled
Several bedrooms for a total of 94 beds (Accommodation); each with 8-12 beds
Hallways / especially close to chapel: suitable for art projects (only Leave No Trace (LNT) set up!)
Living room 1 : wooden floor, 37m2 workshops/dreams
Living room 2 : wooden floor, 22m2 workshops/dreams
Room 8 and adjacent bathroom are “almost barrier free for disabled”/“weitgehend behindertengerecht”
Säulenzimmer (“pillars room”): Outside of the castle, where the stalls are, 100m2 for the Matratzenlager (Cozy membership)

First floor Kitchen 1 upstairs, fully equipped. Only for use in organised groups! See Cooking for more information
Balkonzimmer - access to Kitchen 1, tables, furniture
Herrenzimmer could be used to store stuff or for smaller workshops
for eating up to 100-120 people with tables, tables can be moved to the side piled up, some could be removed, with Kamin/fireplace, wooden floor, paravents for room partitioning in the basement (3x 80x 200, 6-7 pieces), high potential of ghost sighting
Also workshops Basement Storage space, extra fridge, Garderobenständer Weather see Weather