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Starting in 2022 and complementing the already existing consent teams and roles at Schönburn (which are providing information and education, hosting workshops etc.) there is now also a standing Consent Committee, dedicated exclusively to handling reported consent violations and acting as the primary contact point and support system for anyone experiencing breaches of consent.

Consent Committee members have committed to serve in this role for one full year and have signed a confidentiality agreement. In the first year, the members of the Consent Committee are:

  • Lisa Lorenz
  • Julie Sommereijns
  • Markus Schalek
  • File a report via the on-site report box. The box is located at Sanctuary and will be emptied daily at 16:00 by the Committee. On the form a follow-up-talk can be scheduled for the same day at the Confidential Space (location will be noted) between 17:00 and 18:00.
  • File a report via the online incident report form (which is available all year round): https://forms.gle/6evoN1wJDoMvsWwU6
  • Have rangers or sanctuary call for a consent committee member via radio (there will always be at least one CC member available on call).
  • Directly approach one of the committee members (their names and photos will also be available at the info point on-site).

The committee can also be contacted via email (mailbox accessible by the CC only): consent.burners.at@gmail.com

For more detailed information about the Consent Committee and the consent concept in general, have a look at the current protocols and policies here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qIZFUbQGeM3VLVRlI7ziYh8mPTMpMCFo?usp=sharing