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Happenings of all kinds are very welcome – including workshops, performances, music, and anything fun you can imagine! In fact, they are a core part of almost any burn event. If you have any questions, ask them in the #workshopsplanning channel on Slack.

Happenings schedule

To be announced.

Happenings planning

You want to lead a workshop? You want to save the date for your show or live music?

Please find information on the spaces and our registration sheet here:

You can see a picture of the main spaces below.

From 2020

From 2020

* Here are the detailed instructions on how to enter your workshop.

All instructions are given on the first sheet named “Guidelines”. Please be mindful of how COVID-19 is shaping workshops this year!

Contact us on Slack in #workshopsplanning channel if you need help or advice, especially when it comes to defining Burndemic Safety Instructions for your workshop.


You may have already seen some workshops on our Dream platform https://schoenburn-dreams.herokuapp.com, but that platform is only needed for the more elaborate projects, requiring a budget. If your workshop doesn't need a budget (or you came up with an idea after registration closed) don't worry, just follow the instructions above.