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Wednesday Sep 7th – Sunday Sep 11th, 2022

This year's Austrian Regional burn, Schönburn 2022, will take place 07.–11.9.2022 at Böllerbauer. Before much of the team rides to Nowhere, we are happy to open the membership sales for Schönburn 2022!

The price for a regular membership is 120 €, while low-income memberships are available upon application for 60 € (there will be a text field for a brief explanation on why you need a reduced price, and we will process these starting mid-July after Nowhere). We plan to release in total 250 memberships, and you can now get yours via Pretix:

Regarding the big C topic (not Consent, read on for that ;), the ever-continuing COVID-19 pandemic: our updated policy is explained on Pretix, but basically we plan to follow any and all rules stipulated by the Austrian government (as of now not much, but we will monitor the situation).

Three further important issues call for your attention.

Open lead positions

The Schönburn orga is still looking to fill out the last few missing lead positions: Dreams and Happenings. In addition to this, please get in touch at if you want to get involved with the orga!

Dreams will require work in advance of the event to coordinate the approval of participant projects (we have a technical person to set up a platform and guidelines that are easy to adapt from last year), but mostly afterwards to coordinate the evaluation of submitted costs for reimbursement.

The Happenings lead is tasked with coordinating the scheduling of the programme including workshops, any time-specific dreams, and music (with the music team), and for make schedules ready for printing.

Speaking of which: you can already register some!

Registration of Happenings

Schönburn is a co-creation of all participants, and Happenings is how that, well, happens. By Happenings we mean anything that needs to be scheduled for a slot at the program: it can be a workshop, a performance, food, music… whatsoever you wish to share with our community!

Information on how to sign up to play music at one of our stages will be sent in early August, and if you need funding for your creation, Dreams will be launched in late July. However, starting immediately, all other kinds of Happenings can be registered via our Google Sheet:

Lastly but by no means leastly, our brand spanking (only with consent) new…

We now have a Code of Conduct, which each participant needs to accept to be part of Schönburn. This will be part of the purchasing procedure on Pretix, and we strongly recommend everyone to read this with care as it forms the basis for our harmonious co-creation:

This is part of our brand new consent guidelines and procedures (which we have shamelessly partly borrowed from Nowhere). In this context, the Austrian Burners Association is constituting a Consent Committee that will be tasked with dealing with all things consent at and between our events.

Thanks to these efforts, S+ spaces and workshops are thereby again very welcome at Schönburn. More information and guidelines will be shared soon, but you can already write us at if you wish to get involved!


By joining this magnificent event, you only get access to a burn.

An empty burn!

There will be no music, no performances, no artwork, no workshops, no food, no drinks, no party — unless WE bring it with us! Every participant is a co-creator, filling this unique playground with life, creativity and all those magical ideas that are just waiting to be realised.

The event is non-profit, meaning that the income from membership sales that is not used to cover the basic costs of the location will be used to make your dreams of music, art, entertainment, catering… happen!

Notably, at Böllerbauer there are no dormitories and thus everyone camps in tents (or camper vans).

Read more about the event, its spirit, founding ideas and more, here.
Check out the idea behind the organisational concept of White Origami.
Read on about Participation, to become a real part of Schönburn.


Wednesday Sep 7thSunday Sep 11th, 2022
(5 days, 4 nights)


There will be NO access to the event without a valid membership tied to your legal name (bring an ID)!

Latest access to the event is Friday 9th September at 18:00 (burn night). Gate will be closed and no entry will be possible after this time. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

Early Entry / Build

Preliminarily, builders for bigger dreams and build volunteers can get come already from Monday. If you want to come before the official opening time of Wednesday 12:00, you have to contact one of the organizers or email us to be put on the early entry list.


We need to leave by the afternoon of Sunday 11th September.


Kulturverein Böllerbauer, located near Haag, South-East from Linz and about a 2-hour drive from Vienna (see Google Maps). You can see impressions of the area on our Venue page and on their website at:

What about Tickets?

There are no classic “tickets”. This event is fully participative and non-profit, therefore to join this adventure you have to register for a membership.

Click HERE for all information about registration & membership!

Your membership will give you access to the Wiki, the dreams platform, the burn grounds. Also: water, toilets, power.
A big empty playground to be filled with life!

How to get involved

Schönburn needs YOU!
We want and need you to participate to make this event real and beautiful.

We are using a couple of tools and platforms to make Schönburn reality and give every participant the possibility to co-create. The following list presents the tools use to make this event happen. They are all open to participation, in fact we highly recommend you join:

  • Wiki (hey, psst, you are looking at it!) The Wiki can be edited by every registered participant! Information can be added, changed or corrected. This is a collaborative information platform for everyone! (Note: you may need to find the “Edit this page” button in side navi.)
  • Slack This is the main communications tool between the core orga team and fellow Schönburners. Use it to communicate with us, other burners and organise stuff! You can sign yourself up here.
  • Dream platform: as described above, the event is an empty canvas ready to be filled with ideas, art, projects, workshops, performances, dj-sets, happenings. As in most burn events these will magically find their way to the castle and happen. But if you have a larger project in mind and you would like either or both the community and financial support (Art Grants) you should register your project on the dreams platform.

For more detailed information on how to become an active part of Schönburn, check out our Participation page here on this Wiki.