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About the name

Why Schloss Schönburn?

Well as some of you have noticed, we asked the community to help us to find the name and there were two poll rounds. First one with some of our ideas and the possibility to suggest own ideas. (18.05.17 - 21.05.17) In the second one people could vote for the 2 top voted names and 8 curated suggestions from the previous poll. (23.05.17 - 28.05.17)

We were very excited about this naming procedure we never tried before. But after the deadline the reality hit us… The “winner” had nothing to do with this new project… This was the moment when we realised all the mistakes we did, which we would like to share with you:

1. We definitely rushed too fast into the naming procedure. We should have taken the time first to explain what the burn is really about and not just celebrate the fact that it will take place in an amazing castle.

2. We haven’t defined for us how exactly we will deal with the poll results. We haven’t thought all the cases through e.g. what would have happened with a tie? After the surveys were over, everyone had a different opinion on what we should do with the results. We would have saved us a lot of time and energy by setting some rules before publishing the polls.

3. We were too naive about the amount of people getting involved in a new burn project. Our post about the burn and the naming procedure reached on facebook 4.806 burners. In the end less than 60 people participated in the survey.

Since we want to be completely honest with you, we have published the poll results here.

First poll and suggestions made by the community:

Final poll results:

After taking a look at the final poll results, you probably noticed two aspects:

1. The vote difference between the top 5 names is 4 or less, what is not a very satisfying or clear result.

2. The results are based on 60 votes in total. The platform we used for the survey prevented the same ip address from voting more than once. Since we are aware of at least one person, who voted twice by accident (using different devices), we can conclude that less than 60 people participated in the survey. Are these enough votes to represent a project which will involve 5 times more people in the first year and many many more in the future?

After several discussions we were able to make a decision (09.06.17) which was based on the following considerations:

1. We agreed that to ignore the poll results completely would be unacceptable.

2. We agreed that the name should have at least a little bit of an Austrian touch.

3. We agreed that the name shouldn't be liked, but at least accepted by the majority of the core team.

With this in mind we went through the names from the top and have chosen the 3rd winner. In our opinion Schloss Schönburn or just Schönburn is a nice wordplay that on the one hand reminds you of one of the most beautiful castles in Austria Schönbrunn Palace and on the other hand it combines the words schön (German for beautiful, lovely) and burn. And that's all we want. A beautiful lovely burn in a castle created by all of us together.