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Electric Power

Electric Power in the park.

  • No electric power lines into private tents. Go play outside.
  • Power available for core infrastructure (rangers, sanctuary, kitchen, bean) and artwork on demand
  • All artists must bring the following to connect to the grid: one power repeater (Verteilerstecker) with two plugs and one extension cable of at least 10 meter length. Why? You may be required to let other artists plug into your power, so you must provide one free plug. Also bring all additional power plugs and cables.
  • Only outdoor/weather-proof cabling allowed. IP44 and upwards (IP 45, IP54, etc. see Schutzart). No indoor cables. If you bring anything specified below IP44, you will be whipped with the cable by a ranger, or electrocuted by the cable, or liable in court for harm of people, whatever happens first.
  • You must place IP44 connectors above the ground, they must never lie in water puddles. You should also protect against rain with a tarp or box.
  • You should label your cable. Minimal: your name or project name. Ideally: your phone number or email adress.
  • Burners.at (the association behind this Burning Man community gathering) owns a couple of IP44 cables and power plugs. These are primarily reserved for community infrastructure: sanctuary, rangers, bean, KlausB's kitchen. They should not be used for dreams, unless authorized by Ranger Team leads @leobard, @Flo(w) or @bobschi (currently only the temple in the woods by Thunder is authorized). There is a checkout list for these cables at sanctuary or rangers and rangers will be trained in deploying them. Every placed cable is labeled and it's deployed location must be written in the checkout list.
  • Dreams are allowed to plug in to the grid laid by Burners.at at the identified community locations of the previous point.
  • If you see any any non-IP44 cables exposed to the outdoors, you are invited to remove them immediately and bring them to lost&found (probably at the gate). Rangers are instructed to remove any non-standard cables immediately. Indoor cables are tolerated inside community tents (i.e. on the table of sanctuary, inside the tent, off the ground, to connect a tea maker, an indoor cable is ok).
  • If you plug into the grid, be aware that your artwork may be disconnected from the grid at any time without any warning. If this destroys your computer/beamer/soundsystem, it is your responsibility alone. Reason: we are outdoors on a burn and power cuts are to be expected. If there is a short circuit or the FI-Schalter cuts power, any sensible burner with a brain is invited to unplug everything and plug it in one-by-one to find the culprit.