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THIS INFO IS partially OUTDATED! — stefan 2018/08/31 16:54

author: Klaus Kobald

the ticket codes for registering have to be in this file on the server /wetzlas/data/serial.txt

The Dreams Platform is running on a heroku container (ask nagu for access) Tickets are submitted by the dokuwiki authentication via a web api (ask nagu)

Header Image can be changed here app/assets/images/coverphoto.png

Admin Interface is reachable via /admin

People are ppl related to projects. Login or users are actual person with username and password So a project may have 5 people but only one logged in to manage the project.

When somebody creates a dream one cannot activate the dream for receiving grants. So one of the admins/managers has to do this.

Value of Hearts

Every member gets 10 hearts to spend. So if we have 250 people that equals to 2500 hearts. Let's assume we can give away 2500€ for grants this will result in a value of 1 € = 1 heart. So obviously we can not tell in advance, how much the value of an heart is.