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You can park your car in the courtyard without a specific permit. Temporarily unload in front of the stairs, park your car permanently where the “P” signs direct you. If you just have to unload your tent and beer, please park the car in Parking Place 1 and carry it up.

Only special vehicles are allowed to drive in the park:

  • Unload Permit: Get this temporary permit at Gate to unload and load large artwork. You must not load/unload on Saturday and you should not on Friday.
  • RV Parking: Get this permit at Gate by showing your RV ticket. Allows you to park your recreational vehicle (RV) or camper van in the park. You should park on Wednesday or Thursday and move out on Sunday. Moving RVs on Saturday is not allowed. RVs must remain parked during the event.
  • Transport Van: This permit is issed by core orga team to the transport van of core orga/production on site. This van is always allowed to move.
  • Police / Ambulance / Firefighters: are allowed to drive on site.
  • No one else is allowed to drive in the park.

Rules for driving in the park / on the grass:

  • You are only allowed to move the vehicle when a ranger is with you. Ranger should walk in front of vehicle. Exception: Transport Van, which can dedicate any person to walk in front.
  • Entering the park: get your permit, find a ranger to guide you. You must have a ranger in front of your car before driving into the park. Drive along the side of the castle, along the rubbish bins, through the wooden gate, into the park.
  • No driving in the dark (after sunset, before sunrise). Park your vehicle in the parking lots until then.
  • When driving through the park/grass area, always stay on the “roads”, which are the short-cutted areas of the lawn.
  • Maximum speed 10km/h.
  • No driving at night.
  • Keep the “roads” and “gates” clear to ensure Emergency vehicles on site will have room to move around.