Program 2016

At Spark, you will see art that you will love. You will experience performances that touch your heart. All art and performances will be done by volunteers and they will bring art because they love art and love to perform. Everything comes from the heart this message will shine through the artwork and be observable by the people experiencing the art.

Submit your art project! The program of Spark will be determined by you, by the participants, and what you decide to bring to Spark and to perform at Spark. You can submit your ideas here: APPLY NOW

Once artists have submitted their ideas, the program will show up below.

What happened last year, 2015? In 2015, we had 18 submissions for art projects and workshops before the event and several spontaneous art projects popping up on site. 5 of the submitted projects were supported with an an art grant.

An interesting aspect was that several projects at “Spark 2015” were tested to check if they would work for other Burning Man events. Thatsokay’s Caleidoscow, Mephy’s LED Dome and Dawn’s “Tower” were featured later on Nowhere and/or BurningMan in BRC.Some artists noted that the test drive was excellent to try out the electronics and test hacked devices.